Senior Level

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst is expected to gauge which requirements have the potential to affect the estimate and so need to be clarified further, and which will not change the required level of effort if detailed more in order to produce a high-quality budget estimate. The resulting estimate may be declined by the client and never make it into implementation, so it is critically important not to spend time figuring out details we may never need. The Business Analyst breaks down the high-level requirements into logical, executable tasks, finalizes the specific details, passes them to the implementations/development team, and supports the team until the project is closed.

Role & Responsibilities Overview

  • Identifying and analyzing business problems and opportunities
  • Gathering and documenting requirements
  • Analyzing and designing solutions
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration
  • Managing project scope and timelines
  • Conducting research and making recommendations
  • Testing and validating solutions
  • Providing training and support

Required Qualification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems, IT, Industrial Engineering, or any related field.
  • At least 5 years of related experience in various software development technologies, patterns, and practices.
  • Extensive experience in business analysis, design, and documentation.
  • Ability to perform Structured System Analysis
  • Experience and knowledge of automated and manual testing
  • Strong understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies (SDLC).
  • Strong communication (verbal /written) and listening skills who can present complex information in a clear and compelling manner.
  • Strong problem-solving and organizational skills to manage software deployments and operation management.

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